Silent Swordsman LV0 (Funko Shop Exclusive)

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Introducing the Silent Swordsman Lv0 Funko Pop – a limited edition, Funko Shop exclusive figure that celebrates one of Yu-Gi-Oh's most popular duel monsters. This vinyl figure is perfect for any Yu-Gi-Oh fan and features the Silent Swordsman wielding his enormous sword. If you're a collector of Yu-Gi-Oh (Yugioh) Funkos, you'll definitely want to add this duel monster into your collection.

The Silent Swordsman LV0 Funko comes with the Funko Shop exclusive sticker and ships in a premium and custom 0.5mm Funko Pop protector. The protector adds an extra layer of protection during shipping, your Funko will arrive in mint condition. Not only that, but the protector also protects the Funko from dust and other elements while it's being displayed in your collection. Our attention to detail at Pop Collectibles Canada is unrivaled and it's one of the reasons why we have thousands of collectors around Canada and the US that buy directly from us.

Add this amazing Silent Swordsman Funko Shop exclusive Funko Pop to your collection today!