Son Goku (Targetcon Exclusive)

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This Son Goku (Targetcon Exclusive) Funko Pop is already on their way to our warehouses and should arrive sometime in late Feb. This would put shipping dates (assuming no other pre-orders in your order) to be sometime in early/mid March.

A Naruto Funko Pop makes their appearance at Targetcon 2024.... and it's Son Goku, the four-tails. Immerse yourself in the legendary tales of the Naruto universe with the Son Goku, the Four-Tail Beast, Jumbo-Sized Funko Pop, a Targetcon Exclusive Funko Pop. This magnificent collectible brings to life the imposing figure of Son Goku, the powerful four-tailed beast known for its fiery temperament and immense strength within the world of Naruto Shippuden. As a jumbo-sized Funko Pop, this exclusive piece captures the formidable presence and detailed characteristics of Son Goku, from its fearsome facial expressions to the intricate markings that adorn its body.

This Funko Pop will come with the exclusive Targetcon sticker! This Targetcon Exclusive is a treasure for fans of the Naruto series and collectors of unique and exclusive Funko Pops. At Pop Collectibles Canada, we take pride in offering this jumbo-sized Son Goku Funko Pop, which are inspected before they are being shipped out. Our promise is that you'll get something collector-grade and we will NEVER ship you anything that we wouldn't purchase ourselves. With our flexible Canada-wide shipping and stellar packaging, you can rest easy knowing that this is going to arrive to complete your collection.

Complete your Nartuo Shippuden Funko Pop collection by adding the Four-Tails Son Goku (Targetcon Exclusive) to your collection today and let us help you complete it!