Squirtle (Pearlescent) Pokemon Center Exclusive

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Introduce a splash of pearlescent charm to your Pokémon collection with the Squirtle Pearlescent Funko Pop, a Pokémon Center Exclusive. This exquisite collectible reimagines Squirtle, the beloved Water-type starter Pokémon, with a stunning pearlescent finish that accentuates its adorable features and playful demeanor. Pokemon fans are definitely going to want this Squirtle to complete their Pokemon Funko Pop collection.

This Funko Pop will be shipped with the Pokemon Center Exclusive Funko Pop sticker. Available through Pop Collectibles Canada, this Pokémon Center Exclusive Squirtle Funko Pop comes with our promise of quality. Each figure is meticulously packaged with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring it arrives in mint, collector-grade condition. All our Funko Pops are manually inspected by our team of collectors before we ship them out — and our promise is that we will NEVER send you anything that we wouldn't purchase ourselves. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our careful packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping, making sure that this shimmering representation of one of Pokémon's most iconic characters reaches you in perfect form.

Complete your Pokemon Funko Pop collection by adding this limited-edition Squirtle (Pearlescent) Pokemon Center Exclusive Funko Pop.