SSGSS Goku Kamehameha (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive)

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Goku is an iconic anime character dating all the way back to the 1990's. When Goku made a return in Dragonball Super, fans across the world were ecstatic. It can be argued that one of the most iconic forms of Goku coming from this new season was the Super Saiyan Blue transformation. After absorbing some of the God Ki, Goku and Vegeta are able to transform into literal gods that can fight some of the strongest characters to ever appear in the series. This very essence was captured in a Funko Pop! in this Chalice Collectibles exclusive.

This Chalice Collectibles exclusive features Super Saiyan Blue Goku charging up his signature move — the Kamehameha. This Funko Pop! comes with a FREE 0.5mm Funko Pop! protector that was specially designed to protect Funkos from any external force that may dent the boxes. Standing at around 10cm, this Funko is also shipped in mint condition and in a lot of bubble wrap to ensure any damage during shipping is reduced. If you're looking to add to your Dragonball collection or just want to own a Pop vinyl figure that best captures Goku,  you'll want to get this SSGSS Goku (Kamehameha) Chalice Collectibles exclusive today. 

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