Tanjiro Kamado (Training)

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This Tanjiro Kamado (Training) Funko Pop is scheduled to arrive at the warehouse in November 2023! Pre-order cancellations are always FREE at Pop Collectibles Canada!

Tanjiro is making a return to the Demon Slayer Funkvoerse, and this time, his hair is much longer than it is now. Embrace the unwavering spirit and determination of Demon Slayer's protagonist with the Tanjiro Kamado (Training) Funko Pop! Representing his early days of rigorous training, this figure captures Tanjiro in a dynamic pose, ready to hone his Water Breathing techniques. This is the perfect Funko Pop to add to your Kimetsu no Yaiba Funko Pop collection!

Choosing Pop Collectibles Canada means you're not just acquiring a figure, but also the essence of Tanjiro's unwavering determination and dedication. Nestled safely in our FREE 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, Tanjiro retains his collector-grade condition. With trustworthy Canada-wide shipping and a rigorous inspection process, rest assured you're receiving a Demon Slayer in the best possible condition. We also offer a lot of package stuffing to reduce any risk of damage during the shipping process. One promise we can make you is that everything is inspected before we ship them out and we won't be shipping you anything we wouldn't buy ourselves.

Step into the world of Demon Slayer and walk alongside Tanjiro as he braves challenges and grows stronger with each battle.

Expand your Demon Slayer Funko Pop collection by adding the determined Tanjiro Kamado (Training) figure to your collection today!