Tanjiro Vs Rui

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Funko Pop Name: Tanjiro Vs Rui #1034

One of the most beautiful and popular fight in Anime history now in its own Funko Pop! And yes, its Tanjiro VS. Rui! 

Due to repressing his painful memories as human, Rui requested to Muzan if he could create a "family" for himself. The latter then allowed him and he began to gather suitable "family members" who would each take the role of his new parents and siblings. 

Going back to their fight, it became more intense when Rui saw Tanjiro and Nezuko's connection as siblings, despite being a demon, continues to stay with and protect Tanjiro at personal risk, noting how the bond is genuine. Rui then states that the bond will be his. 

This is also the fight where Tanjiro learns that he possess the Sun Breathing Form, Hinokami Kagura and Nezuko learning Blood Demon Art. This fight started the Kimetsu No Yaiba craze! 

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