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Secure your pre-order for the Temari Funko Pop from Naruto Shippuden, set to release in June/July 2024. Available exclusively at Pop Collectibles Canada, enjoy the peace of mind with our hassle-free, 100% free cancellation policy on pre-orders.

Celebrate the fierce and strategic kunoichi of the Sand, Temari, with this beautifully detailed Funko Pop. Dressed in her iconic Shippuden battle attire, she stands poised with her giant folding fan, ready to unleash powerful wind-based attacks. Her determined expression and dynamic posture perfectly capture her strong-willed and tactical nature, which have made her a beloved character among Naruto fans. This is the perfect Funko for fans of the Sand Siblings from the Naruto series!

This Temari Funko Pop comes secured in a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector from Pop Collectibles Canada, ensuring it reaches you in mint, collector-grade condition. We are dedicated to providing the best in collectible quality and customer satisfaction, with reliable Canada-wide shipping that guarantees the safe arrival of your items.

Add Temari to your Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop collection and celebrate the tactical might and determination of the Sand Village’s skilled kunoichi. 

Funko Pop Name: Temari #1660