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This TenTen Funko Pop from Naruto Shippuden is set for release in June/July 2024, capturing the essence of the skilled weapons master. Pre-order now at Pop Collectibles Canada and take advantage of our 100% free cancellation policy if your plans change.

The final person of the Konoha 13 is finally making their way into the Naruto Shippuden Funkoverse, TenTen. Although TenTen doesn't really appear all that much in the series even though we expected her to use the Sage of Six Paths weapons to some degree in the final war arc, this is still a pretty cool Funko Pop regardless. TenTen is renowned for her expertise in weaponry and ninjutsu, and this Funko Pop showcases her in her classic Shippuden attire, prepared for battle with an array of ninja tools at her disposal. Her pose conveys readiness and determination, reflecting her role as a formidable kunoichi in the series.

TenTen joins the Naruto Funkoverse with the new wave of Naruto Funko products! She's ready for your collection.

Every TenTen Funko Pop from Pop Collectibles Canada is protected in a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring it arrives in mint, collector-grade condition. We are committed to quality, demonstrated through our excellent packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping, making sure your collectible is delivered safely. Pop Collectibles Canada offers a range of exclusive and sought-after Funko Pops, making us a favorite among collectors across the country. Experience our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction when you add this TenTen Funko Pop to your Naruto Shippuden collection.

It's time to add the most forgotten character in the Konoha 13 to complete your Naruto Funko Pop collection by adding this must-have TenTen Funko Pop to your collection. We're sure that you won't be regretting it! 

Funko Pop Name: TenTen #1661