Thanos Blacklight (Target Exclusive)

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Thanos was the main villain in the final villain in the original Avengers movies. His main objective was to bring stability to the universe by wiping out half of all life at every level — which in some realities, was achieved. 

Adding to the ever-growing Funko Pop collection is this Thanos Blacklight Funko POP vinyl figure. Exclusive to Target, this pop celebrates one of the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his two-sided sword and infamous infinity gauntlet, Thanos is a must-have for any Marvel fan or collector. So light up your world with this iconic piece from the MCU

This Funko ships in a custom 0.5mm Funko Pop protector and is in mint condition. We offer the best packaging in Canada for Funko figures, and we are sure you will be impressed by our product handling. We ship Canada-wide in a variety of shipping options and have left hundreds of collectors across the country in awe because of our great packaging! Trust us, we're not like Amazon or Walmart.

This Thanos Blacklight Funko Pop is perfect for any Blacklight or Marvel Funko collection.