The Joker (Die-Cast) Funko Shop Exclusive with Chance of Chase

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Funko Pop Name: The Joker (Die-Cast) Funko Shop Exclusive with Chance of Chase #10

This The Joker (Die-Cast) Funko Shop Exclusive with Chance of Chase is a pre-order item for sometime in Dec 2023 - Jan 2024, subjected to change by Funko. Once the Funko has been officially released, these Pops will ship immediately!

The 10th die-cast Funko Pop has been officially released and its none other than The Joker. Dive deep into the chaotic world of Gotham's most infamous villain with The Joker Die-Cast Funko Pop! The weightiness of the die-cast provides a premium feel, setting this Joker apart from standard Funko Pops. Whether it's his sinister laugh, cunning plots, or his undying feud with Batman, this Funko Pop embodies all that makes The Joker an iconic character. The Joker joins some other notable characters in their die-cast form like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Indiana Jones, and Mickey Mouse

This Joker Die-Cast Funko Pop is a Funko Shop Exclusive and a limited-edition piece. By shopping with Pop Collectibles Canada, you're ensuring you receive a piece that does justice to such an iconic villain. With our unmatched Canada-wide shipping and meticulous inspection process, you can be certain you're getting a product of utmost quality, worthy of The Joker's legacy. This Funko Pop purchase also has a 1-in-6 chance of a chase, which showcases the exact same Funko Pop but in a silver-metallic die!

Venture into the twisted world of Gotham's criminal mastermind and celebrate the enduring legacy of The Joker.

Elevate your DC Funko Pop collection by adding the striking Joker Die-Cast figure to your lineup today!