Tsuyu Asui (NYCC 2021)

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Tsuyu Asui's quirk gives her the ability of a frog and one of those abilities is her ability to camouflage with the surrounding. In this NYCC 2021 shared convention exclusive, Tsuyu returns in her original battle position but with a clear variant to show off this ability. 

This Funko Pop stands around 10cm and is shipped in mint condition. We care about our collectors, so this Funko is also shipped in a FREE premium 0.5mm Funko Pop! protector for added protector. We'll take it one step farther and even offer a mint condition guarantee for the Funko. If you're looking to add to your My Hero Academia Funko line, you'll want to add this NYCC 2021 shared convention exclusive to your collection. One of the most favored places to get Funkos in Canada, get all your my Hero Funko Pops from Pop Collectibles Canada today!