Umbreon (Targetcon) Jumbo

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This Umbreon (Targetcon) Jumbo Funko Pop should ship sometime early March 2024!

Embrace the mystery of the night with the Umbreon Jumbo Funko Pop, a Targetcon Exclusive that brings the beloved Dark-type Eeveelution into your collection in a grand scale. Known for its sleek black fur and luminous yellow rings that glow under the moonlight, Umbreon is captured in stunning detail in this jumbo-sized figure, making it a majestic and captivating addition to any Pokémon enthusiast's display. This Funko Pop is essentially the common one, but much, much bigger!

This exclusive Funko Pop showcases Umbreon in a poised stance, its eyes reflecting cunning and readiness for battle, embodying the bond and evolution through friendship during the night. The larger size of this figure allows for an unparalleled level of detail, from the texture of its fur to the iconic yellow rings and piercing red eyes, bringing the essence of Umbreon's nocturnal beauty to life.

As a Targetcon Exclusive, this Jumbo Umbreon Funko Pop is a treasure for fans of Pokémon and collectors of exclusive and unique items. One thing we can promise is that this Umbreon will be shipped in collector-grade condition and we promise that we would NEVER ship you anything that we wouldn't purchase ourselves. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in our meticulous packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping, making sure that this embodiment of darkness and loyalty reaches you in perfect form.

Complete your Pokemon Funko Pop collection by adding must-have Umbreon (Targetcon) Jumbo Funko Pop to your collection today! We promise that you won't regret this one.