Fully-Hollowfied Vasto Lorde Ichigo (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)

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In one of his most powerful forms, Ichigo returns to the Bleach Funkoverse in the latest 2022 addition as Fully-Hollowfied Vasto Lorde Ichigo. This Entertainment Earth Exclusive Funko Pop is a must-have for Bleach fans everywhere and will bring you one step closer to the full collection. Although this common variant of the Vasto Lorde Ichigo (Entertainment Earth Exclusive) Funko Pop doesn't have the glow like the chase, it's still one really awesome Funko Pop.

This Funko Pop ships in a premium, 0.5mm Funko Pop protector that is UV-resistant to ensure that the Pop is protected during and after shipping. Unless otherwise stated, this Funko will be shipped in mint/collector-grade condition, and are manually inspected by our staff of collectors before packaging! With some of the best packaging in all of Canada, we promise you that you'll get this Fully-Hollowfied Vasto Lorde Ichigo in the same state that we shipped it — else we'll get you a new one. At Pop Collectibles Canada, our affordable shipping methods will get the Funko to you wherever you are, and the most you'll ever need to pay in Canada is $10 for shipping.

Please note that if you want the Vasto Lorde Ichigo Chase Bundle, you can be sure to check out our other listing! 

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