Vegeta (Over 9000) Hot Topic Exclusive

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One of the most iconic scenes in the entire Dragon Ball Z franchise is during the Saiyan invasion arc where Vegeta crushes his scouter after detecting the Goku's power level was OVER 9000! Bring this iconic moment to your shelf by adding this Vegeta (Over 9000) Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop to your collection.

This Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop will ship with the Hot Topic sticker and will come in mint condition. The Funko will be encased in a premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector and will be shipped with a bunch of bubble wrap to ensure that the Funko arrives in collector-grade condition. We pride ourselves with having some of the best shipping in the Funko industry and every Funko is manually inspected before they are sent — our promise at Pop Collectibles Canada is that we would not ship you anything that we wouldn't purchase ourselves.

Complete or start your Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop collection by adding this hard-to-find Vegeta (Over 9000) Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop to your collection today. We promise you that you're definitely going to want this one.