Vegeta Powering Up (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive) Chase

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Funko Pop Name: Vegeta Powering Up (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive) Chase #713

One of our favorite Vegeta Funko Pops in the line, this Vegeta powering up Chalice Exclusive is a must-have for fans of the bad-guy-turned-good. Over the years, Vegeta has gained a huge fanbase and it shows how sought-after this chase Funko Pop is. This Funko features the Dragon Ball character powering up his finishing move while in his Super Saiyan God Blue form. 

Unlike its non-chase counterpart, the chase version of Vegeta powering up features a metallic, but not glow-in-the-dark finish. Shipped in a Funko Pop! protector and the original Chalice Collectibles exclusive sticker, this Dragon Ball franchise Funko vinyl figure will light up any collection.

Please note that this purchase includes only the chase (And is NOT a bundle)! 

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