Whis Eating Noodles (Funimation Exclusive)

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The "Anime characters eating noodles" trend has been surprisingly successful and Funko is going to capitalize on that. The latest addition to the noodle-eating characters is the lovable Whis from Dragon Bal Super. Whis Eating Noddles joins the Dragon Ball Super Funkoverse in the latest Funimation Funko Pop exclusive

Sporting a bowl of cup noodles from Earth, the legendary deity eats the noodles without a care in the world. Nice and relaxed, this Funko Pop will be shipped in a premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector and in collector-grade condition! Pop Collectibles Canada ships to anywhere in North America and our thousands of collectors can contest our amazing shipping quality!

Complete your Dragon Ball Super Funko Pop collection by adding this Whis Eating Noodles Funimation Exclusive Funko Pop to your collection!