Yami Bakura

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Funko Pop Name: Yami Bakura #1061

The evil spirit of the Millennium Ring is here to steal a spot in your Funko vinyl collection! Yami Bakura runs Occult Decks, focused on Fiend and Zombie-Type monsters. His Decks often employ lockdown strategies while concurrently disrupting and stunning his opponent from employing their strategic moves while trying to either instantly win. This antagonist has arrived at Pop Collectibles Canada and is ready to bring your Yu-Gi-Oh collection into a new light!

You won't regret getting this Yami Bakura vinyl Funko Pop! This Funko comes in mint condition and in a FREE premium, custom protector as a way to add that extra bit of protection — so that no damage takes place during shipping. We try to always use a lot of bubble wrap to prevent any damage at all and have been told that we have some of the most affordable shipping options in Canada! 

If you're looking to complete your Yugioh Funko collection, be sure to do that at Pop Collectibles Canada!