Yuji Itadori

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He was nicknamed "The Tiger of West Junior High" for his strength and stamina. That's right, Yuji Itadori is here! 

Yuji has always had incredible strength, even before his acquiring of cursed energy. His superhuman strength has been known to let him destroy walls, bend goalposts, and, at some point, even throw a car. In the world of jujutsu sorcery, Yuji is also an exceptional prodigy. 

His modern personality and involvement in a strikingly realistic world make him more relatable to audiences than most other shonen protagonists out there, and his Funko Pop! makes him more special! Shipped in mint condition guaranteed display box and comes with a FREE 0.5mm premium Funko Pop! protector to avoid damages during shipping and when sitting on your collection!

Our affordable shipping, Canada-wide, will help every Jujutsu Kaisen fan's dream, to be a classic masterpiece where ever they live!