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The founder and former emperor of the Alvarez Empire and the one who possesses extremely, dangerous and powerful magic — Zeref Dragneel is now ready to ship Canada-wide! Zeref is said to have been the darkest, most evil Mage in the history of the Magic World, mastering the Black Arts and creating many Demons, some of which still wreak havoc in the present. 

This hard-to-find Funko vinyl Pop has finally reached Pop Collectibles Canada and we cannot be more excited to get them to you. This Funko comes in a premium Funko Pop protector and is always shipped in mint condition. Our Pop Collectibles Canada staff packages all our items with care, so you can be sure that the package arrives in the best possible condition. 

Don't miss out on this must-have Funko Pop for all Fairy Tail fans! Add Zeref to your Fairy Tail Funko Pop collection through Pop Collectibles Canada — our affordable shipping options blast our competitors out of the waters.