Buggy (Hot Topic Exclusive)

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Some say that Buggy the Clown may not have the title of Pirate King, but he sure has the chops to be one! With his mischievous ways and signature knives, he's always the life of the pirate party. Let's be honest, Buggy The Clown is definitely a contender for the title of Pirate King... he only fails upwards. Get your hands on the new Buggy the Clown Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop from One Piece! Buggy joins one of his oldest rivals, Shanks, out in the Funkoverse.

This Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop depicts Buggy the Clown pre-time skip, with his signature red nose and clown pirate outfit. Holding his famous knives, this Funko captures the essence of the character's mischievous and unpredictable personality. This exclusive Funko Pop is a must-have for fans who want to showcase the pre-time skip version of one of the most recognizable villains in the One Piece universe.

This collectible features the infamous pirate clown in his signature look, perfectly captured in the signature Funko Pop style. The collectible itself is about 3.75 inches tall, which is the size of the standard Funko Pop vinyl figure. Shipped in collector-grade condition and protected by a premium 0.5mm protector, this Funko is a must-have for any One Piece fan. With the Hot Topic Exclusive sticker (NOT the special edition one), you'll know you're getting a unique piece for your collection. Free shipping is available across Canada for orders over $150. We also offer to ship to the rest of North America and Europe!

Order now and add this iconic character to your One Piece Funko Pop collection! There's a reason why thousands of collectors choose to purchase their One Piece Funko Pops directly from Pop Collectibles Canada.

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