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Funko Pop Name: Carrot #1588

Introduce the vibrant and energetic Carrot Funko Pop into your One Piece Funko Pop collection. This charming collectible brings to life Carrot, the adventurous and spirited member of the Mink Tribe from the beloved anime series. Dressed in her casual outfit, complete with her distinctive hat, this is a Funko Pop that would go really great with any other One Piece Funko Pop OR with the Carrot in Sulong Form (Funko Shop Exclusive) Funko Pop

In this newest wave of Funko Pops featuring some of the must-have characters from the One Piece Wano arc, Carrot joins the likes of Katakuri, Kaido (Hybrid Dragon Form), and the highly-anticipated Luffy Gear Five Funko Pop! Be sure to complete your collection today.

At Pop Collectibles Canada, we're excited to offer this Carrot Funko Pop to fans of One Piece. Ensuring its pristine arrival, each figure is packaged with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector. Our commitment to quality is seen in our careful packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping, guaranteeing that this representation of the spirited Carrot reaches you in perfect form, ready to add a touch of adventure and charm to your collection. There's a reason why thousands of collectors choose to get their Funko Pops directly from Pop Collectibles Canada. Join the family today!

Complete your One Piece Funko Pop collection by adding this energetic Carrot Funko Pop to your collection.