Carrot in Sulong Form (Funko Shop Exclusive) - Common

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This Carrot (Funko Shop Exclusive) - Common Funko Pop is set to be shipped out Nov 30, 2023! Pre-order cancellations are FREE and will not result in any penalties at Pop Collectibles Canada — the best place to get One Piece Funko Pops in Canada.

Elevate your One Piece Funko Pop collection with the Funko Shop Exclusive Carrot Funko Pop (common), a common variant that captures the vibrant spirit of the formidable Mink Tribe warrior. This Funko Shop Exclusive Carrot features the character in her Sulong Form, equipped with her lightning and long white hair, showcasing her readiness for adventure and battle. If you're a fan of the One Piece series, you're not going to want to miss this one for your collection.

Please note that this is the common variant of the Carrot Funko Pop, not the chase bundle. If you're interested in the glow-in-the-dark chase and the common variant, be sure to check out our chase bundle too! 

This common variant is distinguished as a Funko Shop Exclusive (NOT the special edition sticker), and will be shipped in collector-grade condition. Pop Collectibles Canada takes pride in delivering this figure in mint condition, secured in a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector for the ultimate protection. Each Carrot Funko Pop undergoes a rigorous manual inspection to ensure it meets the exacting standards of collectors nationwide. With Pop Collectibles Canada's reliable and affordable shipping across Canada, you can easily bring home the swift and brave warrior of the Mink Tribe. 

Whether you're seeking to complete your One Piece Funko Pop collection or celebrate your favorite characters, this Carrot in Sulong Form (Funko Shop Exclusive) - Common Funko Pop is the perfect choice.