Carrot in Sulong Form (Funko Shop Exclusive) Chase Bundle

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These Carrot (Funko Shop Exclusive) Chase Bundle Funko Pops is set to be arrive and ship out Nov 30, 2023 from Funko! Remember, pre-order cancellations are 100% FREE and this is why Pop Collectibles Canada is one of the best places to get your Funkos from in Canada. 

Please refrain from purchasing more than 1 bundle. Our mission is to get Funko Pops to a bunch of users and, to ensure that, we're going to be limiting this Funko Pop purchase to 1 per customer.

Leap into action with the Carrot Chase Bundle Funko Pops, featuring both the chase and common variant of the new Funko Shop Exclusive! Both Funkos will feature the Mink leader in her Sulong Form, the peak of the Minks' performance. These Funkos showcase the quick-witted and powerful member of the Mink Tribe with lightning extruding from her body as she joins the One Piece Funkoverse. With her signature long silk-white hair and keen battle stance, these Funkos perfectly captures Carrot's fierce determination and energetic personality. If you're a dedicated One Piece fan, you're definitely going to want to add this limited-edition Carrot in Sulong Form (Funko Shop Exclusive) Chase Bundle to your collection today.

Please note that this chase bundle will include both the glow chase and the common. If you're just interested in the common variant, be sure to check out our other listing on our website!

These Carrot Funko Pops will arrive with the Funko Shop Exclusive stickers (NOT the special edition ones), and will be in mint condition. Recognizing the importance of condition for collectors, Pop Collectibles Canada ensures that Carrot is well-protected in a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ready to join your crew in mint condition. With our variety of shipping methods Canada-wide, Pop Collectibles Canada is confident that we'll be able to get you the Funkos regardless of where you live. Our team carefully inspects each Funko Pop, guaranteeing that your figure meets the high standards required for a premium collecting experience.

Add a touch of the Mink Tribe's bravery to your One Piece Funko Pop collection with this exclusive Carrot in Sulong Form (Funko Shop Exclusive) Chase Bundle. Complete your collection today!