Chococat (as Sasuke)

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Another day, another crossover is on the way! Chococat is now dressed up as Sasuke from the fan-favorite anime, Naruto Shippuden! This Funko is part of a new crossover Funko Pop series between Hello Kitty and Naruto.

Chococat and adult Sasuke Uchiha have a lot in common, starting with their belief that there's strength in teamwork and friendship. If you're an avid fan of Hello Kitty and Naruto Shippuden — you surely don't want to be left behind. The only thing that can make this collab better is the appearance of the Sharingan, but we'll take what we can get! 

Shipped in a premium Funko Pop protector, This Chococat (as Sasuke) Funko vinyl figure is shipped in mint condition. Pop Collectibles Canada offers some of the best shipping options Canada-wide and we're trusted by thousands of collectors because of how we take care of the Funko Pop from inside out and from here to you!

The best of both worlds, if you're looking to add to your Hello Kitty Funko Pop collection OR your Naruto Funko Pop collection, there's no place better to start that than at Pop Collectibles Canada!