Eustass Kid (Wondrous 2023 Shared Convention Exclusive) with PopShield Amor Protector

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This is probably going to be one of the most rare One Piece Funko Pops to hit the shelves. Introducing this must-have Eustass Kid Funko Pop, exclusive to Wondrous Con in 2023. With status that rivals Straw Hat Luffy and Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law, this Eustass "Captain" Kid is the perfect piece for your Funko Pop collection. This Eustass Kid probably would look pretty cool standing beside the Red Hair Shanks Funko Pop, as well! 

Step into the world of pirates and power with the Eustass Kid Funko Pop! Known for his ruthless reputation and magnetic abilities in the One Piece Funkoverse, this figure impeccably captures Kid's rebellious spirit and determination. With his signature metal arm and menacing expression, Eustass Kid is ready to challenge anyone who stands in his way.

This Eustass Kid Funko Pop will come with the shared Wondrous 2023 convention sticker and will be shipped in mint condition. Due to the value of this grail, we'll also be including a FREE PopShield Armor (with magnetic lid) to protect the Funko Pop from any damage that it may receive during shipping. By choosing us for your Funko Pop needs, you’re embracing quality and authenticity. We offer reliable Canada-wide shipping, bringing the thrill of the high seas directly to your door, and ensuring that every collector can find their desired Funko Pop in Canada. If you're looking to add a really great Funko to your One Piece collection, look no further than this limited-edition Eustass Captain Kid Funko Pop.

Don’t miss the chance to enhance your One Piece Funko Pop collection! Add the formidable Eustass Kid (Wondrous 2023 Shared Convention Exclusive) with PopShield Amor Protector Funko Pop to your treasure trove today!