Franosuke (Franky in Wano)

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The only 6-inch Straw Hat Funko Pop to be released in the Wano wave so far, Franosuke (Franky in Wano) finally makes his appearance in the One Piece Funkoverse along with Choppermon (Chopper in Wano)Onami (Nami in Wano)Usohachi (Usopp in Wano), and Orobi (Robin in Wano). Step into the fascinating world of Wano Country with the Frankosuke (Franky in Wano) Funko Pop! This standout piece is crafted with meticulous detail to represent Franky's transformative look in the Wano Arc of One Piece. Adorned in traditional Wano attire complete with his iconic robotic features, you're going to want this Funko Pop for your One Piece collection.

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