Onami (Nami in Wano)

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Funko Pop Name: Onami (Nami in Wano) #1472

This Onami (Nami in Wano) Funko Pop is a pre-order item for November 2023 — subject to change by Funko. However, pre-order cancellations are FREE at Pop Collectibles Canada, unlike many of our competitors. It's our promise to our collectors and fans.

Discover the captivating Wano Arc of One Piece with the Onami (Nami in Wano) Funko Pop! The Funko features Nami using some hand signs like she's from Naruto. From her flowing kimono to her intricate hand signs, this Funko Pop encapsulates the essence of Nami's adventurous spirit. A must-have for your One Piece Funko Pop, Nami joins some other Straw Hats like Choppermon (Chopper in Wano)Franosuke (Franky in Wano)Usohachi (Usopp in Wano), and Orobi (Robin in Wano) in this newest wave of Funkos.

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