Jiraiya on Toad (Special Edition)

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As one of the prized Sannin of the Hidden Leaf village, you already know that the fan-favorite Jiraiya would be packing some heat when he enters the Funkoverse. In this Naruto Funko Ride, we see Jiraiya the Toad Hermit in his signature pose, on top of his summoned toad. This special edition Funko Pop is a must-have for fans of the Naruto and Boruto franchise, and will surely be a talking piece of any collection.

This 6-inch Funko Pop is shipped in a 6-inch premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector — which provides a lot of protection during shipping. The Funko Pop is also sent in collector-grade condition, meaning that this won't have any noticeable rips or tears. Being a bigger-sized pop, there could be some imperfections on the box but at Pop Collectibles Canada, we do promise that we would never ship anything we wouldn't purchase ourselves. With our affordable, quick, and safe shipping options Canada-wide, there's a reason why thousands of collectors have chosen to purchase from Pop Collectibles Canada. We're disrupting the Funko community in Canada by bringing the lowest prices for some of the best anime exclusives! 

Complete your Naruto Funko Pop collection by adding this Jiraiya on Toad (Special Edition) Funko Pop to your collection today! This Funko will look perfect beside the Naruto Funko Ride of Naruto on Gamakichi