Naruto on Gamakichi (Hot Topic Exclusive)

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Gamakichi is a giant toad who first appeared as Naruto's summon in the Chunin exams. He later becomes one of Naruto's most trusted allies and also his riding mount during sage-mode. Gamakichi is known for being able to use some of the most powerful techniques as a summon and has helped Naruto out of binds numerous times.

Now, you can own your very own Naruto on Gamakichi Funko Pop! This Hot Topic Exclusive figure is a 6-inch grail in the Funkoverse and is perfect for any Naruto fans. Like-master-like-student, this 6-inch Pop reminds fans of the infamous Jiraiya on Toad Hot Topic exclusive, which has now become a grail for many Naruto fans. A lot of fans missed out on the Jiraiya Pop, so don't miss out on this Naruto on Gamakichi Pop either! This Pop basically combines the Jiraiya Funko with the Sage-mode Naruto Funko Pop

This purchase includes:

- The 6-inch Naruto on Gamakichi Funko Pop! with the Hot Topic sticker

- A FREE premium, custom 0.5mm 6-inch Funko Pop! protector ($9 value)

- Some of the best packaging you've ever seen

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