Kisame Hoshigaki

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This Kisame Hoshigaki Funko Pop is a pre-order item for October 2023! Pre-orders are also 100% free cancellations! 

Kisame has been one of the fandoms' favourite Akatsuki members in the entire series — next to other beloved characters like Pain, Itachi, and Sasori. Kisame is finally joining the Funkoverse wielding Samehada with this 6-inch Funko Pop vinyl figure. Our of all the Akatsuki members, Kisame Hoshigaki has been Pop Collectibles Canada's top choice for the time-being! Kisame joins his other pals like Deidara, Zetsu and Sasuke!

This Kisame Funko Pop will be shipped in a 6-inch Funko Pop protector and we'll be including a bunch of bubble wrap for added protection during the shipping process. Although its hard to find perfectly mint 6-inch Funko Pop boxes (due to their size), we can promise that this Kisame Hoshigaki Funko Pop will be shipped in collector-grade condition! Furthermore, with our vast array of shipping methods and options, trust that Pop Collectibles Canada can get you Funkos no matter where you live. We have customers from all over Canada and there's a reason why they keep on coming back.

Complete your Naruto Funko pop collection by adding this Kisame Hoshigaki Funko Pop to your collection today!