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Funko Pop Name: Zetsu #1438

The most mysterious member of the Akatsuki is finally joining the Naruto Funkoverse and he thought he can get in unnoticed. Introducing the new Zetsu Funko Pop — which features the member wearing the infamous Akatsuki cloak. This 6-inch Funko Pop stands taller than your average 4-inch Funko, and you're definitely going to want to add him beside the Kisame Funko Pop, as well as the Kurama Funkos

This Zetsu is a 6-inch Funko Pop and will be shipped in one of our well-known 6-inch 0.5mm Funko Pop protectors. The protectors will act as a shield during shipping and while being displayed on your shelves. Although larger pops are known to have a bit more wear-and-tear due to their massive size, one thing that Pop Collectibles Canada promises is that this will arrive in collector-grade condition!

Complete your Naruto and Boruto Funko Pop collection by adding this oversized Zetsu Funko Pop to your collection today!