Red-Hair Shanks (Big Apple Collectibles Exclusive) - Common

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Funko Pop Name: Red-Hair Shanks (Big Apple Collectibles Exclusive) - Common #939

Known to be one of the strongest Yonkos and former crewmate of the Pirate King, Gol D Rogers, Shanks has made a name for himself all across the One Piece universe and he's now sailing into the One Piece Funkoverse to make his debut. This Funko Pop features the Yonko ready to pull out his sword, and a cape hiding his missing arm. With how awesome this Pop looks, we're sure that it'll be extremely hard to find in the future, especially as the One Piece manga enters the final saga. 

Shipped in mint condition and with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, this Shanks Funko stands at around 4-inches tall (the size of a normal Funko Pop). The Funko includes the common variant of the Red-Hair Shanks vinyl figure and features the Big Apple Collectibles sticker

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