Shanks (Big Apple Collectibles Exclusive) Chase Bundle

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One of the strongest pirates from his generation, Red-Hair Shanks joins the One Piece Funkoverse in the latest Big Apple Collectibles exclusive! This Funko purchase features both the chase and normal variants of the Yonko and is a must-have for hardcore fans of the anime and manga. 

The two Funkos are shipped in custom-made Funko Pop protectors that will protect them from any external damage during shipping, as well as from the harsh UV radiation while being displayed. Both Funkos will feature the Big Apple Collectibles sticker (not the special edition one) and are shipped in collector-grade condition. Pop Collectibles Canada takes pride in shipping only products that we would buy ourselves, so collectors can be assured that you're getting something top-of-the-line. 

With many affordable shipping options, it's a no-brainer to complete your One Piece Funko Pop collection at Pop Collectibles Canada! Everyone is a fan of something and we got you covered! 

If you're just looking for the common variant of the Shanks Funko Pop, we have you covered there too!