Sangoro (Sanji Vinsmoke in Wano)

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The rest of the Straw Hat pirates are coming to the One Piece Funkoverse with their Wano attire. Embark on an adventure through the Land of Wano with the Sangoro (Sanji Vinsmoke in Wano) Funko Pop! This highly detailed figure showcases Sanji, also known as Sangoro in his Wano disguise, capturing the essence of his daring personality and combat prowess. Featuring Sanji in his yellow attire and his fiery feet, this Funko Pop is ready to light up your One Piece Funko Pop collection. Sangoro joins the rest of the Straw Hat crew like Choppermon (Chopper in Wano), Onami (Nami in Wano), Franosuke (Franky in Wano), Usohachi (Usopp in Wano), and Orobi (Robin in Wano)

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