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🚀  This Black Friday Cyber Monday, Pop Collectibles Canada is bringing some heat 🔥 !

Pop Collectibles Canada is excited to bring you the best Anime Funko Pop mystery boxes to you, wherever you are in Canada! Test your luck with our GUARANTEED-VALUE, ANIME-ONLY Mystery Boxes — there's something for everyone!

The perfect gift for those just starting to collect this Holiday season! DO NOT COMBINE WITH PRE-ORDERS SINCE WE WANT TO SHIP THESE RIGHT AWAY!


  • There will be exactly 1 Funko Pop in each box
  • Every Funko Pop will be shipped in a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector!
  • All boxes have already been packaged and scrambled. We do not know the contents before shipping
  • Because of the nature of mystery boxes, there are no refunds and these are final sales. However, over the past year, we've built a reputation for having some of the best packagings around!
  • Limit: 5 per customer!

What are my chances of getting duplicates?

Because of how diverse this Mystery box is, the chances of you getting a duplicate item are very rare! Refer to the full list of Funkos and the quantities of each to make the best possible calculation! 

A full list (and quantities) of the possible Funkos are listed below!


5 x Mikasa (Chalice Collectibles)
5 x Gyomei (Special Edition)
5 x Luck (AAA)
5 x Kid Kakashi (AAA)
5 x Kakashi Anbu (AAA)
5 x Killer Bee (EE)
5 x Trafalagar Law (AAA)
5 x Vasto Lorde (AAA)
5 x Ichigo with Bankai (AAA)
5 x Killua in God Speed Mode (AAA)
5 x Luffytaro (Hot Topic Exclusive)
5 x Tanjiro with Mask (Hot Topic Exclusive)
5 x Gang Orca (Convention)
5 x Minato (AAA)
5 x Sexy Jutsu Naruto (SE)
5 x Pikachu (Zavvi)
5 x Sasuke with Rinnegan (AAA)
5 x Sasuke with Chidori Blade (Chalice Collecitbles)
5 x Zenitsu Thunder Breathing First Form (Funimation)
5 x Itadori with Glasses (Shared Convention Exclusive)
5 x Hokage Naruto (AAA)
5 x Killua with YoYo (BoxLunch Exclusive)
3 x Eri (Hot Topic Exclusive)
6 x Goku (NYCC 2022) Kamehameha
5 x Itadori with Knife (Shared Convention Exclusive)
3 x Giyu (AAA)
3 x Hawks (Chalice)


2 x Jiraiya with Popsicle (Shared Convention Sticker)
2 x Buffed Chopper (Shared Convention Sticker)
2 x Curse Mark Sasuke (Shared Convention Sticker)
3 x Naruto Eating Ramen (BoxLunch Sticker)


3 x Muichiro (Shared Convention Exclusive)
1 x Vasto Lorde (AAA) Chase
1 x Sasuke Rinengan (AAA) Chase
1 x Kid Kakashi (AAA) Chase
1 x Killer Bee (Entertainment Earth) Chase
1 x Trafalgar Law (AAA) Chase
1 x Killua (AAA) Chase
1 x Dabi (Shared Convention Exclusive)
1 x Shanks (Big Apples Collectibles)